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Our oil is a 100% natural product.

Find out how it is produced and why you should choose Cammareri Oil!

Benefici - olio ricco di antiossidanti naturali

Roots deep in the earth

The production of Extra Virgin Olive Oil represents a fascinating combination of tradition and quality. Our artisanal process begins with the harvest, a delicate moment in which the olives are harvested by hand, or rather, with the help of a shaker. This respect for the ancient practice of manual harvesting encapsulates the authenticity of our production, preserving the right acidity of the olives for a very high quality oil.

The profession of oil processing

The heart of our process is found in the pressing and malaxing, phases in which craftsmanship is intertwined with the quality of the results. Pressing is a balancing act, crushing the olives to obtain a thick, aromatic paste, without risking oxidation. Kneading, however, is the pinnacle of attention, gently stirring the paste to prepare for cold extraction. This respect for tradition allows the oil to keep its organoleptic properties intact, transmitting the richness of our soil directly to your table.

A long-standing oil masterpiece

The entire process ends with pressing, a phase in which tradition meets technology. Through a centrifuge, we carefully separate the components of the oil, respecting its integrity. But our dedication to tradition doesn’t stop there. After a series of natural filtering and a three-month deposition, the oil is ready to be bottled. This approach respects the slow pace of craftsmanship, ensuring that every drop of oil tells the story of our land and our commitment to excellence. Every bottle you hold in your hand is a tribute to tradition, a tribute to quality, and an invitation to share our love for authentic taste.

Why choose our products?

Amazing taste

The oil we produce accompanies the palate with a harmonious taste that can enhance your dishes.

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Health benefits

The organoleptic properties of the oil not only give flavor to your dishes, but also guarantee health benefits.

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Quality oil

The taste and aroma of our oil are kept unchanged thanks to production without chemical additives.

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Unique flavour

We are committed to providing our customers with extremely high quality oil, produced with 100% Italian olives.

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