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Our history

Cammareri oil has more than a century of history. Our family, in fact, began to producing oil on the Aspromonte hills as early as the 1920s, and then opening the first real oil mill, dedicated to production and sale, at the end of the 1960s.


The first oil mill

In 1960 Francesco Cammareri, who first immigrated to Australia in search of work, returned to his country of origin, Melicuccà, a small village in the province of Reggio Calabria. Taking advantage of this experience abroad, he then decides to inaugurate the first business linked to Cammareri oil.
The first oil mill mainly featured manual processes using simple machinery.


First expansion

After almost a decade of activity, the mill underwent a first phase of expansion. In the wake of the excellent results achieved, automatic processes are also introduced to support manual manufacturing processes.


The first Industrial Oil Mill

In 1984, the company decided to radically change production by opening a new industrial oil mill, also located in Melicuccà, capable of managing high production rates.


Further expansion

The oil mill continues to grow and renew itself. A final phase of development begins which will increasingly affirm the quality and know-how of the Cammareri family.


Advanced industry

The Cammareri family has always been attentive to innovation: the last major change within the mill takes place in 2022, thanks to the implementation of new cutting-edge production lines.


The new generation

Driven by a great entrepreneurial tradition, the new generation of the family, made up of Francesco, Antonio and Giuseppe, began a project to internationalize the company, with the aim of making Extra Virgin Olive Oil known to the world through expertise and the professionalism of the Cammareri family.

Benefici - olio ricco di antiossidanti naturali